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Old 09-18-2006, 09:28 AM
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Default Chair Rental costs

I am a stylist in Calgary, and I rent a chair. I would like to hear from some other stylists out there what is the cost of their chair rental? It seems like it is all over the board with this, rents go any where from $700 and up. But rental is becoming a more popular alternative again, so let me know! Thanks!
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Old 09-25-2006, 08:24 PM
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Default Chair Rental Vancouver

Well you are vary greatly. But then again so does service pricing from stylist to stylist and salon to salon...this is inevitable given the cost of land, real estate, etc... A chair at a "family style" mall salon will be much less than a high profile "downtown" salon.
They can also vary depending on how the salon operates. If you supply your own color or not, interac fees, accounting fees, assitant usage etc.
Basically, the more the salon offers, and the more high profile it is and the better the location(location location)the more you pay.
The best equation is this: calculate your average monthly income(before taxes).
If the chair rental in question is more than 35% of your might as well work on commission for 45-50%.
Its not about how much the chair rental is...its how much YOU make that counts.
BTW: Note to all Renters...The CCRA knows all about us...PAY YOUR TAXES (and GST) It affects us all!
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Old 09-26-2006, 09:50 PM
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Default Wondering

Do any owners pay stylists by the hourly wage? how common is that? what is an average day's worth of tips?

Also, regarding shop costs as mentioned in the post above, can you post a standard ( more in depth ) list of things that a stylist would have to partly kick back into? ie , the debit machine, advertising, colour, supplies, business cards, materials, laundry,..stuff like that.

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Old 09-28-2006, 07:28 AM
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Default Chair Rental

I am a salon owner and rent out 1 Chair. The gal pays 100 per week. She is responsible to buy her own color and perms or any product. We split costs such as toilet paper, paper towels, water, coffee and wine and BackBar Shampoo and such. It works out quite well. I pay the rent, phone, heat and electricity and salon equipment. I carry all the retail and she earns 20% of the sales. It basically is pretty even I don't make much on her rent.
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Old 10-07-2006, 05:55 PM
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Default what do you think?

the rent at my place is $1300.00 per month. that includes chair, backbar supplies,bottles,gloves,plastic capes,bowles,color brushes,towles,smockes,cutting capes,perm rods,hot rollers, a self service blow dry station with products, coffie & cookies, 2 shampoo assts,a receptionist that books appointments and keeps own banks and adds up the day and tips,greets our clients,laundry(towles,smoches,capes),utilities, we do not get anything from there retail we sell , high end of town,in birmingham,alabama. we all do our own chemicals and foils. Is that too much? this is the only place i have worked after getting my cosmetologist license.
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Old 10-13-2006, 04:36 PM
Ruby Walker Ruby Walker is offline
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Default Chair/Space Rental

In business we are all responsible for our own income.
In Canada & the USA, you cannot share your business premises in a employer/employee situation and charge a fee to work in that space.
Either you are an employee or an independent business person.
Yor salon owner is taking a big risk by not seperating her business from yours.
In Canada, we would have to pay both parts of the Employment insurance for a chair renter if it appeared that you were working as you described.
A contract and guide is available at ERHAIR@HOTMAIL.COM. Ruby
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Old 10-15-2006, 01:53 PM
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Default About E.I.

As a salon owner of large chair rental salon...I'm a bit confused by the comments reguarding EI and the employer/employee situation.
First let me say that chair rental in not illegal as the post seems to an owner you can run your business anyway you like...commisson or rental. What you can not do is charge rent...and pay commission. Or take a "sliding scale" rent based on a commission. It is the same as subleasing an office..or having a group of dentists working together.
Where it does get confusing is with EI... Rev Canada changed the requirement in 1989 to include taxi drivers/chair renters so to be elegable for benefits.
A chair renter is considered an employee ONLY for the purposes of EI...given that they are an integral part of keeping the salon open. Because the salon officially does not collect any monies for a chair renter or do any accounting to pay premiums...the salon owner is required to pay both. There is a minimum required amount that is based on $25000/yr so it makes it very easy to calculate and remit.
In every oher way you are self employed.
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Old 11-16-2006, 10:42 PM
smiles smiles is offline
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Default Chair rentals Toronto/GTA

I myself don't rent a chair, but friends of mine are hairstylists and rent, and in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), if you score, you can find anything from $650.00/month, which you have to pay for backbar, products, and colour ourself, but the nicer more upscale salon can shoot upto $1500/month some inclusive so not inclusive.
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Old 11-19-2006, 04:20 PM
Fabio Fabio is offline
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Question Slow momentum

I have slowly seen Chair renting gain momentum. I can definitely see why it is becoming popular. You have independance, freedom in scheduling and no glass ceiling on income potential.I would like to know as a salon owner how would we calculate the cost of a chair? As you know there are so mant other costs, such as insurance,maintenance, supplies, assistants, reception and of course miscellaneous expenses. If any one has a formula i would like to hear more.
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Old 11-20-2006, 02:53 PM
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Default simple

The main difference for a rental salon vs. commission is simply the way the bills are payed. Instead of taking 50% of income(which is not consistent from month to month...sick days, after xmas, etc.) to pay bills/ simply add up ALL your costs, including salaries,rainy day fund,and of course something for yourself(we are here to make money after all) and divide it by the number of chairs you have. There is always a set cost...your bills are always payed and there is no extra paper work for you(taxes, ei,etc). Its still your can still have rules, standards, and great expectations....Too many owners think that rental means a free for all...its simply how we pay the bills that is different.
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